Anything is possible to anyone who dreams, dares, works hard for their dreams and never gives up.

Believe in yourself that You can do it and definitely You will reach and achieve your goals.



Bulgarian boxing champion for more than 15 years in period 2002-2017. Represented Bulgaria in over 40 countries in International, European, World competitions and Olympics games. In total his record: 124 wins – 25 losses, 100 medals. 

We all have inner strength and courage.  The power of self-belief. You must first see yourself winning before the battle has begun. You must be hungry. You must want to win. It is a desire, a dream, a vision. I always play to win. For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a training session or an important match. And I will not allow anything to stand in my way and my enthusiasm to get that win.

For me the meaning of life is not just to exist in order to survive, but to move forward, to achieve, to win, to be constantly hungry. You don’t just become a champion for one day or at the gym. We carry that inside our hearts. 

To me martial arts means expressing yourself honestly. It’s easy to pretend, to make a show, but to express yourself honestly that is very important. Exactly this makes you who you’re at the ring. This is how you win, how you become champion. 

His motto: 

One for all, all for one!

Selina Vd Hurk

Age: 14
Muay Thai fighter – Youth champion
Training at Muay Thai academy Duran gym
Trainer: Duran Ebren
Fights & Titles:
1 time Belgium champion
2 place in Thailand Youth world championship
1 time Germany champion
2 place in Holland

Kymani Minning

Age: 12
Muay Thai fighter – Youth champion
Training at Muay Thai academy Duran gym
Trainer: Duran Ebren
In 2018 she started Muay Thai by Duran Gym.
– First fight was March 2019 at Duran Gym. Win TKO
– Second fight in Germany. Win TKO
– 3th fight @ Fidan Gym Eindhoven. Win
– 4th fight @ Team Verhaar. Lose
-5th fight @ Belgium Championships. Win
– Litouwen. Baltic Cup. No match because there was no opponent.
-6th fight @ Eagle Gym. Win TKO
-7th fight @ Duran Gym. Win
-8th fight @ Germany. Win
-9th fight @ Den Haag. K1. Win
-10th fight @ Den Haag. K1 lose

McKayla Simon

Age: 8
Training at Eagle Gym
Trainer: Aad Aldus
McKayla did her first fight at:
– youth open champion ship 2020 and became 3rd at girls in cat. -30 kg
– And her second fight she won at TTC youth tournament girls – 26 kg.
And she did a padding demo at ENFUSION last october.

Cheyenne Aldus

Age : 14

Muaythai/K1 – Youth Champion

Training At: Eagle Gym 

Trainer: Aad Aldus 

I did 98 matches 



European Champion K1 IKBO -30 kg 2016    

Dutch Champion MON/IFMA – 33 kg 2017

Dutch Champion IRO -35kg 2017

World Champion K 1 WTKA -35kg 2017        

World Champion Muaythai WTKA -35 kg 2017        

World Champion K1 WTKA – 40 kg 2017        

European Champion WFCA -36kg 2018        

Open German Champion WFMC        

European Champion YOC 2018        

Antalya Cup EMF/IFMA -38kg 2018        

Dutch Open Champion -40kg 2019        

Baltic Cup IFMA -40 kg 2019        

2nd World Champion IFMA -40kg 2019        

Belgian Champion IFMA -45kg 2019        

World Champion Muaythai WFMC -40kg 2019