Training camps


There are no limits as to what you can achieve at trainig camps. Whether you’re amateur or professional athlete looking for that extra experience. There will be adjusted different programs for everyone, regardless their health, condition and abilities. Before we head into our analysis of training load strategies of different training camps, we will outline the different considerations we have to make when programming. Before you choose the targeted conditioning method, we need to consider what type of athlete are we working with – professional, amateur or seasoned athlete.


Muay Thai

Teaching defense techniques: Footwork, punches, knees, elbow, kicks. Focusing for developing fight fitness and ring skills.

Muay Boran

This stile utilizes all kind of striking attacks, as well throws and ground grappling. In the past Muay boran was originally developed for self-defense. Later it became integral part of Thai culture.

Mixed Martial Arts

The fastest growing sport in the world. It combines the use of striking, grappling, wrestling and techniques that make this such a dynamic combat sport and martial art experience.


Practicing and learning many various striking techniques based on martial arts, karate and boxing.


Conditioning and strength exercises, pads training, sparing and various of techniques

Cross & BodyFit

Practicing and learning many various striking techniques based on martial arts, karate and boxing.

Each training type selected should be given enough training sessions/weeks in order to overload and stimulate the desired physiological adaptation. The time for adaptation differs between training types. All type of classes are perfect for improving your professional skills, health and performance.

It is often questioned how long a training camp should be. A lot prefer shorter camps to avoid stagnation or overtraining, whereas others will feel more confident following a longer training camp. Many professional fighters prefer to train from 2 up to 8 weeks before their fight. So they can start targeting what to achieve from week one.

Each training camp will be located at different places and time range, weekends, week and up to a month.

The cost of each training camp will be individually determinate by the location, time range and additional services.